Reduce external heat. Provide privacy. Secure your business. And save money.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that adding tint to your building's windows will block the heat, but you can also add a touch of elegance with decorate films or bolster safety with security films.

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Protects interior from fading over time

Blocks harmful UV rays that damage skin

Provides savings on energy bills

Rejects up to 95% of infrared heat

Provides privacy from prying eyes

Block the heat, not the light.


Solar Window Films

Solar window film is more than just a darker shade on your building's windows. It also keeps the heat out, block harmful UV rays, provides privacy, and help your save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

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Panorama Slate

A film with a subtle reflective finish available in several VLTs. Panorama Slate is designed to provide privacy, reduce glare, and reject unwanted solar heat gain and 99% of UV rays.

Panorama Hilite

A crystal clear window film specifically formulated for commercial applications to block 99% of UV rays, 95% of infrared heat, and doesn't increase the reflectivity of the glass unlike traditional window films.


Decorative Films

Whether you want to provide a new look or ensure privacy, decorative films are available in multitudes of different patterns and shades, and are easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time.

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Security Films

Protect your building's windows from intruders or flying debris using our Solargard Armorcoat® Safety & Security Films that will prevent glass shards from falling, provide protection from UV rays, and reject heat that will help reduce energy costs.

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