Protect your windshield from shattering. Block UV rays. And remove rain faster.

There is nothing worse than an annoying crack or chip in your windshield. Or worse yet, having to pay for a new windshield. Avoid this headache with our Clearplex windshield film.

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Prevents the windshield from shattering

Withstands everyday scratches and dings

Blocks harmful UV rays that can damage skin

Offers faster run-off for rain and snow

Covered by the manufacturer's warranty

The toughest windshield protection on the market.

The optically clear ClearPlex film provides a scratch resistant surface that significantly reduces the occurrence of of rock chips, pitting, and bulls’ eyes. And during an accident, ClearPlex film keeps the windshield intact to protect drivers and passengers.

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The average windshield now costs $1600+ to replace.

ClearPlex is significantly less expensive than replacing a windshield, especially those with ADAS (Crash Avoidance Systems) technology.

Our Work & Reviews

Melanie Sipe
Melanie S.
14:55 19 Mar 20
T Merriweather
T M.
15:04 17 Mar 20
First, allow me too thank Rick and his team of hard dedicated and just overall friendly staff for the workmanship and respect they have shown myself and I’m sure many others. I have had a many of cars windows tinted with staff I considered great. However, I am completely in awe over the way anything I asked and wondered/worried about was received with a smile and a direct answer. Never once was I misinformed about anything and also, every detail fully explained. Rick at one point even went out of his own way too help fix an issue with my wheels and then repeated the process over, which just shows he stands by his teams work. Due too his transparency and family oriented business they have made a customer for life. Thank you Eclipse Window Tinting staff and Rick for your time, knowledge and complete care!
03:30 11 Mar 20
Great service so far!!! Ok I want to give an update!!!Guys and gals this is the go to place for window tint. I get so many compliments and have referred several people to eclipse. They really don't just tint windows they market and tailor what's right for you. Thats how it should be. Oh serious yes this place is real serious when it comes to different films and the whole science about sun blocking etc... yeah they have you covered...literally. Its refreshing to see people really in love with what they do and these guys they enjoy what they do and it shows through their quality and expertise. Not to mention they respect your vehicle whether its a Lambo or a Corolla it doesn't matter. I had questions about my tint so they walked me back in the shop...I was shocked that the installers had taken there shoes off to avoid scuffing my car. Amazing they had no idea I was coming back they were just working doing their thing. Guys your shop is awesome, Clean and professional and I will recommend you in the future to those in need of professionals who lead the tint world day after day. Keep up the awesomeness!!!
Ms. Y'shunn Marquardt
Ms. Y'shunn M.
16:08 10 Mar 20
Its Hot!
15:02 06 Mar 20
best looking petes in town
best looking petes in T.
19:47 02 Mar 20
Blair Stewart
Blair S.
23:18 01 Mar 20
Awesome service super service at an affordable price, loved it...would recommend to anyone
00:51 01 Mar 20
the best tint service in Ohio
Ken K
Ken K
20:11 24 Feb 20
Professionalism quality
Bill Selden
Bill S.
23:42 20 Feb 20
The people there are friendly and very experience enjoyed working them. Had window tinting and I was very pleased on how it turned out 😊😄Thank you Eclipes team
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph K.
21:16 17 Feb 20
Meg Volkerding
Meg V.
15:45 11 Feb 20
I have had two vehicles tinted here and this is the only place I would ever get my windows tinted at. Not only do they do a beautiful job backed by a lifetime warranty, but they also have some of the best customer service i have ever experienced. I called in the morning and they picked up my car same day, within the same hour and had it back to me in less than 4 hours! Great business and employees, I highly recommend!
Donte Woods
Donte W.
23:43 07 Feb 20
My truck looks great. The staff was friendly and highly Informative. I will return to Eclipse for more work and I'd recommend their service to anyone who asks.
Nick Gensheimer
Nick G.
19:41 05 Feb 20
Zack Dillard
Zack D.
21:37 03 Feb 20
Will always come here for my vehicles. Always done in a quick manner and quality is top-notch.
Marlon Sparks
Marlon S.
13:05 02 Feb 20
Very professional. Tinted my 2019 Honda Civic sport touring and treated it like a expensive BMW. Treated me well too! LOL! If you need tint I recommend these guys!
Blair Cornell
Blair C.
23:45 31 Jan 20
Eclipse is a first class experience and top notch product! I would recommend Eclipse to anyone if you want the job done right the first time and to be done by pros! Everyone I know with high-end cars goes to Eclipse and I’m a loyal raving fan.
Clayton Brizendine
Clayton B.
19:49 30 Jan 20
I had my windows tinted at Eclipse 7 years ago and have not had a single problem with them since. They did an incredible job and I'll definitely go back once I get a new car.
Preston Armstead
Preston A.
21:10 29 Jan 20
Mark G
Mark G
17:45 27 Jan 20
Eclipse did a great job. Professional, on time and a quality job you can count on.
Megan Volkerding
Megan V.
14:58 25 Jan 20
I have had two vehicles tinted here and this is the only place I would ever get my windows tinted at. Not only do they do a beautiful job backed by a lifetime warranty, but they also have some of the best customer service i have ever experienced. I called in the morning and they picked up my car same day, within the same hour and had it back to me in less than 4 hours! Great business and employees, I highly recommend!
Jim Griffo
Jim G.
18:04 24 Jan 20
The ceramic coating that Eclipse advertises is well worth it! My car shines like never before. If you are on the fence about a professional ceramic coating, I recommend it for sure. Specifically from Eclipse!
Richard King
Richard K.
17:32 24 Jan 20
Eclipse has always done a great job for my family. Wouldn’t trust anyone else.
steven bledsoe
steven B.
18:08 22 Jan 20
Trevor Menning
Trevor M.
19:23 18 Jan 20
Had great service, staff was very friendly and helpful at answering my questions. Service did take a little longer than I expected, but it was manageable. Did notice that some spots under the tint didnt seem like they were cleaned very well, but nothing that will bother me. Would still recommend to anyone who's looking for tint work
Jeff Burkhart
Jeff B.
04:46 17 Jan 20
Mitchell Gordon
Mitchell G.
14:34 16 Jan 20
I was able to get an appointment the next day I called, very responsive. I have a somewhat uncommon vehicle with a known problem that occurs during tinting. I called to let them know about it, and they were already aware of it and were able to take care of it. Tint looks great. This place is very professional and I recommend to anyone looking to have their car tinted.
Matt Sunnenberg
Matt S.
00:54 16 Jan 20
Great overall experience, fast and professional!
Dave Clemmons
Dave C.
20:55 15 Jan 20
They do amazing work and only use top tier products. They pay a lot of attention to detail on every car they service and they stand behind their products. The quality of the work done at Eclipse is top notch. I have a Tesla Model 3 and I had them put on a clear bra, (full front) and a ceramic pro coating for me, (whole car). The clear bra is hard to even notice and the coating makes the car look like glass. This car looks amazing!!! If you want to protect your investment they way it should be protected, I highly recommend you go to Eclipse. Get it done right the first time.
Marc Ambrosius
Marc A.
19:17 15 Jan 20
A totally great experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Joe Gross
Joe G.
04:02 12 Jan 20
Kyle Carlsen
Kyle C.
21:53 11 Jan 20
This is the 7th vehicle I’ve had done at Eclipse and like always, it turned out great. Fair prices, quick service, and excellent work make them the best in town. This is the only place I would take my vehicles. Thanks Eclipse!
Jerry Payne
Jerry P.
10:35 10 Jan 20
That place is awsome there work is fantastic and the waiting room makes you feel like your in your own home
Ron'Sae Harrison
Ron'Sae H.
21:18 04 Jan 20
Alan Green
Alan G.
21:02 04 Jan 20
Jimmy Eades
Jimmy E.
16:30 02 Jan 20
Best work in town! Quick, reliable and clean showroom. Very friendly and they stand by their work.
Timothy McCracken
Timothy M.
12:42 02 Jan 20
These guys are great!
Greg Geisz
Greg G.
23:21 30 Dec 19
Aaron Dresdow
Aaron D.
23:10 30 Dec 19
Great job, tint looks amazing!
Nicholas Lewis
Nicholas L.
22:17 30 Dec 19
I dropped my car off on a day they were closed so I had no idea really what the tint would look like until it was on the car. I gave them my input on what I wanted and they took it from there. Best of all, the price wasn’t some outrageous number. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will definitely be going back to get my other cars as well as my future cars done.
Shane Bagley
Shane B.
14:35 28 Dec 19
I had my daughters and her boyfriends car windows tinted for Christmas. I had my wife’s front windows matched to her factory rear couple years ago. This place is the best! Great product quality. Great people. Highly recommended.
Aldrin Turcios
Aldrin T.
04:03 28 Dec 19
adam grob
adam G.
22:41 26 Dec 19
The people at Eclipse were very nice and helpful and the tinting was done. My tint was done efficiently and effectively. Thanks!
Todd Lee
Todd L.
19:22 26 Dec 19
Fast professional service ! Looks great.
Ciara P
Ciara P
21:14 24 Dec 19
I went for my birthday and they were very nice.
Tony Difford
Tony D.
16:27 24 Dec 19