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Window tinting. Computer Cut. Professionally installed.

You may think of window film (or tint) as just an aesthetic enhancement, but it also provides long-lasting functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle. You take care of your car’s engine with regular tune-ups and maintenance, why not take care of your car's interior (and your loved ones) with window film?

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Protects interior from fading over time

Blocks harmful UV rays that can damage skin

Rejects up to 95% of infrared heat

Provides privacy from prying eyes

Window Film Packages


SolarGard NR Charcoal

A subtler tint than the high performance films and are perfect for anyone looking to add a improved look of their vehicle.


SolarGard NR Supreme

A classic look manufactured with color stable technology, Solar Gard's NR Supreme series exhibits sleek color tones that enhance any vehicle.


Xpel XR Black

A timeless, rich black tint that uses next-gen nano-particle ceramic film to reject almost all infrared heat for a cooler interior.

How dark do you want to go?

We NEVER charge more to go lighter or darker.


40% VLT

40-50% is fairly light in terms of window film, it'll add a slight tint to the windows.


30% VLT

Around 30% is where you'll start to really notice a darker tint. This is on the lighter end of some of our more popular shades.


20% VLT

At 20% you'll notice a significant darkness to the tint and look of the car. This is on the darker end of our popular shades of film.


10% VLT

At 10% you're getting into limo tint territory, and it creates an extremely dark shade and look for the vehicle.

Our Work & Reviews

Abe Coogan
Abe C.
04:56 04 Dec 20
I went to eclipse a little over a week ago and had an all around very good experience. I was a little skeptical about tint at first, but I was able to talk with Tammy and she answered any of my questions. She took me around to some cars in the lot to demonstrate different percentages of tint, and even let me sit in her car to see if the percent tint that she had was to my liking! Its been about a week since the tint was installed, and I was able to roll down my windows yesterday and they are looking great with no bubbles, no wrinkles, and no fading! During the installation process I had a few bottles in my car and the technicians even picked them all up and consolidated them onto one seat. That was definitely a nice touch, and was definitely above and beyond.I do however have one gripe, the technicians who moved my car in and out of the shop adjusted my seat, and adjusted my steering wheel so when I got back in after it was finished I was in for a rude awakening.I do not have any pictures to post at this time as I have not had the opportunity to go and take any. If I have the chance I will post them!
William Johnson
William J.
18:30 01 Dec 20
It was done in a reasonable amount of time
Lisa Scherzinger
Lisa S.
16:49 27 Nov 20
What a great experience - from my initial call and talk with Preston, to walking into their well kept facility, felt I was in good hands. Tammy was great, knowledgeable and aptly guided me through my tinted window options. The results were fantastic. Their technicians do a very professional job. Before I left made appointment to have my husband's truck windows done and the ceramic pro coating applied to my SUV. More fantastic results. The Ding Machine came out prior to coating and made a 3" crease in door disappear. Now my 2017 ride looks brand new!Couldn't be happier. Call them with confidence.
Vernon Wilson
Vernon W.
00:10 26 Nov 20
Tammy was extremely helpful with selecting the right tint for me. She is an expert in this field and made me more confident in my purchase. The quality of the film and installation is exceptional.
Ankur Khandelwal
Ankur K.
22:27 25 Nov 20
Aaron Dresdow
Aaron D.
22:38 24 Nov 20
Great job, tint looks amazing!
Jackson Terrance
Jackson T.
16:13 21 Nov 20
Great place excellence
Kelly Fogah
Kelly F.
14:49 21 Nov 20
Nice waiting areas, one has coffee and comfy seats. The lady was very informative when advising what tint level she would recommend. I had limo tint removed from my front two windows and made it a shade lighter to be able to see out of them better at night. I also had them do the windshield strip tint. I also like that they put stickers on the window controller so you don’t accidentally roll your windows down before the recommended 5-7 days. Would highly recommend them.
Paul Dorger
Paul D.
20:33 16 Nov 20
Tammy and the folks at Eclipse could not have been easier to work with. Windows look awesome. Great place to get window tinting done right.
Ben Appel
Ben A.
16:22 14 Nov 20
I continue to go back to Eclipse. They do a phenomenal job, are super professional and can turn my car around quickly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
nathan bronson
nathan B.
15:42 13 Nov 20
James Masten
James M.
18:26 12 Nov 20
Mykey Hess
Mykey H.
22:59 09 Nov 20
Tammy was very professional and took the time to help me decide what % of tint I wanted on which windows, she even showed me the tint differences in actual vehicles. They were pretty quick about getting the work done and it looks amazing.
Teresa Steck
Teresa S.
20:25 06 Nov 20
Matthew Mize
Matthew M.
02:47 06 Nov 20
Always do a great job! No complaints on multiple cars!
Jerome Richard
Jerome R.
18:59 05 Nov 20
Steven Smith
Steven S.
22:25 02 Nov 20
Fast, friendly and knowledgeable.
Luke Kara
Luke K.
02:55 31 Oct 20
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish and the quality of their work is FANTASTIC!! I went with 20% for the front windows to match all of the rear ones and it looks great. No bubbles, haze, streaks, looks like it came that way from the factory.The folks at Ecplise know their stuff about tint and talked me through the basic tinting options, ceramic tint (what I went with), the pros & cons of both and basic care & maintenance.I'm waiting for the windshield of my Jeep Wrangler to crack (Jeep owners will understand) so I can put in a Gorilla glass windshield and get that tinted lightly by Eclipse. I would highly recommend anyone considering tinting their vehicle to reach out to this place, you will not be disappointed.
17:02 29 Oct 20
Don Lawson
Don L.
16:33 29 Oct 20
Best in the tint business, four cars done there so far.. Awesome place!!!Now number 5, great company and they stand behind there product's..
Brandon Davis
Brandon D.
23:08 27 Oct 20
Andy Agesian
Andy A.
02:15 27 Oct 20
Eclipse never disappoints, this is my 3rd or 4th vehicle with them. Perfect every single time! If you’re looking for quality work, look no further. I appreciate you guys!
Rachel Heglin
Rachel H.
22:10 26 Oct 20
Very clean, outstanding service, clean and comfortable waiting area with WIFI
Shalee Osborn
Shalee O.
20:30 25 Oct 20
They Always do a great job!! Only place we will ever go to for tint!!! This was like our 7th or 8th car we have taken there!!
David Moerdyke
David M.
17:04 25 Oct 20
Benjaminnn Man
Benjaminnn M.
05:31 25 Oct 20
Chad Gum
Chad G.
13:16 23 Oct 20
Super professional, very informative and helpful. Very clean waiting area. Truly great experience with A+ quality work. Best in town, would recommend them to anyone.
Shawn Campbell
Shawn C.
17:50 22 Oct 20
Always Great Service! Quality work!
Jason Miller
Jason M.
17:41 22 Oct 20
Had 3 cars tinted by them and the quality and service they provide is great although expensive. I'll pay more for better quality plus they have excellent customer service!
Andrew Yingling
Andrew Y.
22:52 20 Oct 20
I have had my last 3 cars tinted here. Sales staff are very friendly, informative, and don't try to upsell you on anything you don't want. Technicians always do a perfect installations. This time they color matched the front windows of my new SUV to the factory rear tint and it came out perfect.
Kiara Ross
Kiara R.
16:26 20 Oct 20
Great experience and fast service
Charles Shaw
Charles S.
20:01 19 Oct 20
I love it because the price was right and it's the first window tinting place I've ever been to.
Kevin Ratliff
Kevin R.
17:12 08 Oct 20
Great experience with these folks, very friendly and knowledgeable. Really nice location with a great waiting area. Couldn’t be happier with the job they did!
Leca Hannah
Leca H.
11:58 08 Oct 20
Mario Castillo
Mario C.
23:16 07 Oct 20
Rayce Tanner
Rayce T.
17:34 03 Oct 20
They were awesome here! Really helped me with timing and got it done super quick for me I am very impressed with the service I received.
Douglas Mujeye
Douglas M.
20:25 29 Sep 20
Pat Patton
Pat P.
17:51 29 Sep 20
Clear bra was installed perfectly and 4 coats of 9h ceramic coating on my entire car has my C8 looking amazing. Look at their parking lot and see the Ferraris, and Lamborghini’s and you get an idea of the quality of their work and the trust their customers have in their work.
Michael Dwire
Michael D.
20:28 22 Sep 20
Building was very nice. Owner and employees were very nice and professional. Right on time for whole experience
Lalit Singh
Lalit S.
01:28 17 Sep 20
Herbert Wilson
Herbert W.
21:53 16 Sep 20
Larry Smith
Larry S.
08:03 15 Sep 20
Amazing friendly family service ❤
Timothy McCracken
Timothy M.
22:24 14 Sep 20
They did an excellent job, and they were just the nicest guys too! I highly recommend.
Rusty Rompies
Rusty R.
19:42 14 Sep 20
Garrett Cooper
Garrett C.
00:50 07 Sep 20
Alyssa Ryan
Alyssa R.
18:46 28 Aug 20
Tammy and Eclipse Window Tinting made tinting the windows of my new car super easy. They had multiple examples of cars to show me so I could get a feel for the different tints, and they finished my car an hour sooner than expected. I’d definitely recommend Tammy and Eclipse Window Tinting for all your tinting needs!
claresa lee
claresa L.
21:42 27 Aug 20
David Morgan
David M.
09:45 26 Aug 20
Keeta Harris
Keeta H.
14:24 23 Aug 20
This business was very professional, friendly and provides excellent customer service. Tammy committed to contacting me should there be a cancellation so I could come in sooner for services. I truly appreciate that.
Meg Volkerding
Meg V.
15:45 11 Feb 20
I have had two vehicles tinted here and this is the only place I would ever get my windows tinted at. Not only do they do a beautiful job backed by a lifetime warranty, but they also have some of the best customer service i have ever experienced. I called in the morning and they picked up my car same day, within the same hour and had it back to me in less than 4 hours! Great business and employees, I highly recommend!
Marlon Sparks
Marlon S.
13:05 02 Feb 20
Very professional. Tinted my 2019 Honda Civic sport touring and treated it like a expensive BMW. Treated me well too! LOL! If you need tint I recommend these guys!
Matt Sunnenberg
Matt S.
00:54 16 Jan 20
Great overall experience, fast and professional!
Kyle Carlsen
Kyle C.
21:53 11 Jan 20
This is the 7th vehicle I’ve had done at Eclipse and like always, it turned out great. Fair prices, quick service, and excellent work make them the best in town. This is the only place I would take my vehicles. Thanks Eclipse!
Chaz Campton
Chaz C.
13:55 18 Dec 19
I called on a random Tuesday to see if they could squeeze me in and was told that the only appointment they had was 4 PM. I thanked them for their time and told them I would not be able to make it. Not even two minutes later Tammy called me back and said they were willing to shuffle around some dealership window tints to fit me in. I ended up taking the car in at 1 o’clock and Tammy was super helpful in assisting me with picking out the tint that I wanted. She quoted me two hours to get the job done and welcomed me to wait in the lobby which I did. Their lobby is top-notch and very welcoming. I have been to many window tint places in the past and they are nowhere even close to the same degree of customer service that this place offers. An hour later my name is called and I was told that my truck is done, so they ended up getting the truck done an hour ahead of schedule on top of fitting me in last minute. The tint job looks amazing and she gave me an extra set of stickers to cover my window switches so the kids wouldn’t hit it. I could not be happier with eclipse window tinting and I will be using them solely from now on.
Kayla Cox
Kayla C.
22:45 17 Dec 19
I had my windows done today! I am pleased with the service as well as the interaction with their staff! We will be back with any tinting needs! Thank you
Jason J Rain
Jason J R.
00:02 14 Dec 19
Great service and great energy. bless 🙌. i def am satisfied with my tint
Dylan Morton
Dylan M.
01:16 17 Oct 19
Great service, and super fast. Except they gave my dad a t-shirt and not me :(! Overall amazing experience with friendly staff.
Kacy Clark
Kacy C.
22:06 04 Oct 19
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5-Star Review...If you want an excellent window tinting company look no further. Eclipse Window Tinting is professional, efficient and informative. They had my vehicle in and tinted fast and it looks so fly. Tammy really knows her business is super friendly and accommodating.
Richard Herweh
Richard H.
19:33 25 Sep 19
Eclipse did an awesome job tinting my dodge durango. Professional work with answers to all my questions about the different tints available. I'd highly recommend them!
Kali Khrissy Nelson
Kali Khrissy N.
02:11 25 Sep 19
I didn’t get her name but the curly headed woman at the front desk and her sons were awesome!
Andres Grisales
Andres G.
16:03 11 Sep 19
Great job, fast, i will recommend the place
Nick Smith
Nick S.
16:16 10 Sep 19
They did a great job! Very clean shop and super friendly and professional!
Kyle Michael
Kyle M.
18:21 22 Jul 19
The best place to go for window tinting , ceramic shield and xpel paint film protection. They stand behind their products . Ceramic pro is a must on any new car finish . Makes up keep and washing the vehicle so easy . I have seen how Ceramic Pro really holds up and and what it protects your vehicle from . The xpel is also a great product . I don’t choose between the two products because I get both on my cars . They work so well together and soooooo worth the money .
Nancy Leo Froslear
Nancy Leo F.
22:31 25 Jun 19
In a time when Customer Service is just about extinct, 321 Tint gives renewed hope. I had their film on my windows in my home. I would highly recommend it be applied to any windows with excessive sun. I had this done back in 2007 and 321 Tint stood behind their warranty and replaced the film today. It was applied by a different company and was not applied correctly. 321 Tint did not do the original job but took care of the warranty. Thank you. Their installer was very professional and did an excellent job.
Cory Bedinghaus
Cory B.
18:06 03 Apr 19
I have gotten windows tinted and now a ceramic coating on my new corvette. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work, and professionalism provided by Eclipse. If you need your windows tinted, ceramic coating, or clear bra, I would highly recommend using them.
Chasity Isaac Moreland
Chasity Isaac M.
20:06 29 Mar 19
They are friendly and treat u like family this was my first experience and it wont be my last time coming to this great place thank u
Don Kaeff
Don K.
12:21 14 Mar 19
Had my front door windows tinted on a 2019 Explorer. I brought my other Explorer to Eclipse 6 years ago and they did an excellent job so I decided to bring the new one to them. Once again was not disappointed. I would recommend Eclipse Window Tinting to anyone that wants to get their windows tinted.
Meme Berry
Meme B.
19:27 12 Mar 19
They did a wonderful job. Definitely will refer other people! Thanks you guys!! 😍😍😍
Colette Lewis
Colette L.
22:07 28 Feb 19
Great customer service, fast turn around!
Michelle Donnellon
Michelle D.
17:05 23 Feb 19
Tammy is awesome - helped me pick the right product for my needs. Great service and work.
Tyler Alexander McSwain
Tyler Alexander M.
16:50 07 Feb 19
Got the $179 window tint in 17% so far it looks good.Pros: decent prices, great serviceCons: lowest priced tint cannot be cleaned with any cleaner like windx.Other than that it's a great company an would definitely recommend.
Janice Walters
Janice W.
00:22 27 Jan 19
When you don’t know what to get your youngest grandson for Christmas...Eclipse Window Tinting gift certificate was the perfect solution! Thanks for the great job on Jamison’s car!
Jeff N Tasha
Jeff N T.
20:47 09 Jan 19
Absolutely best in the business!
Warren Watson
Warren W.
19:35 04 Jan 19
Only shop I trust with my vehicles. Customer for life. 🤓
Michele Ruehl-Mescher
Michele R.
16:26 27 Dec 18
They did a great job and gave great customer services. I would recommend anyone to use them.
Christy Kline
Christy K.
00:26 07 Dec 18
Wonderful experience. Professional. Very clean. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They got me in immediately and my Volkswagen Atlas looks awesome!! Definitely referring friends and family here.
Philip Garver
Philip G.
23:36 05 Dec 18
Always friendly, helpful and do an incredible job at a great price. over 7 vehicles done by them And excellent every time!
Brittany Holscher
Brittany H.
14:50 17 Nov 18
Fast, professional & quality work.
Michael Bredestege
Michael B.
19:06 09 Nov 18
Outstanding people! Highly recommended!Beautiful job on this 545i Sport!
Scottie Jay
Scottie J.
18:08 20 Oct 18
the Professional Service of the staff and the Flawless tint job!
Billy Baugus
Billy B.
13:09 28 Sep 18
Rick and his staff at Eclipse are well trained , and extremely professional. Leadership along with morale play a huge role in the process and final outcome of a job. Rick has mastered that art to perfection!! Great clean shop. Highly recommended!!
Moon William
Moon W.
06:48 05 Sep 18
Great and very friendly people helped me pick my shade of tint and my car was ready before the deadline I was given and explain to me wat to do to keep my tint looking good.the people that work with me was professional and knowledgeable about there job I was very pleased with my service
Tashai Stephenson
Tashai S.
20:42 31 Aug 18
Best place in the Tri-State to get your windows tinted!
Mark Poeppelmeier
Mark P.
00:48 29 Aug 18
I think the people at Eclipse window tinting are the best in the Business!They have always done a fantastic job on all my cars. Highly recommend!
Aaron Conley
Aaron C.
20:41 27 Aug 18
Fast, friendly and honest service. You won't find a better family owned business in Cincinnati. Very clean and welcoming waiting area. There is a reason why Eclipse Tinting has such amazing word of mouth advertising. . . value and service are top notch. Thank you again!
Jessica Edwards O'Neal
Jessica Edwards O.
01:23 07 Aug 18
Eclipse did a perfect job applying Xpel clear wrap to my new Porsche along with Front window and windshield tint. Highly recommend.
Tyler Borgmann
Tyler B.
21:58 01 Aug 18
Eclipse did an amazing job at replacing the tint on my F150.
Casey Allan Cooper
Casey Allan C.
18:49 28 Jul 18
They do great work and are very easy to do business with. I highly recommend using them! This is the second vehicle that they've done for me.
Joe Kurtz
Joe K.
21:31 23 Jul 18
My last car they did was 3+ years old and looked like the first day it was put on. Just had two new cars done.
Mimi Chen
Mimi C.
14:27 21 Jul 18
They did a great job on both of cars in our household. Friendly and helpful employees with nice waiting area. Highly recommend this place for car window tinting.
Nicole Egbert
Nicole E.
13:41 13 Jul 18
Rick and his team did an amazing job on the tint for my Lincoln MKZ. Had it done quickly and it looks amazing. Great customer service. You will not be disappointed with any of their work, these guys are simply the best in the business. Thank you for making my car look amazing.
Melina Bowman
Melina B.
16:13 11 Jul 18
Great experience!! Great work!!!!! Will say I completely forgot to get the "eyebrow" tinting done on my windshield so I will be back! Haha. Will absolutely refer as well!!!!!! And be back in the future!! =]
Sherri Lowe
Sherri L.
14:26 30 Jun 18
Eclipse Window Tinting did a great job on my QX80. Jason was knowledgeable and professional.
Hunter McBride
Hunter M.
13:48 25 Jun 18
Excellent work and service.. Appointment went a little longer than expected but they have a nice waiting room. Thank you!
Vanessa R Huff
Vanessa R H.
16:06 12 Jun 18
First time here and was pleasantly surprised! Very professional and the Tint makes “the Beem” look NICE!!
Thomas Daniels
Thomas D.
18:00 11 Jun 18
The service was excellent they were on time and a professional manner I would recommend recommend them to my friends
Jim Hahn
Jim H.
00:20 05 Jun 18
I have been using Eclipse since 2005. Great company. Outstanding customer service. Quality products.
Ken Helferich
Ken H.
04:19 01 Jun 18
Found them online, needed the 3 windows in my Wrangler hardtop to match my second row seats.They did a great job, with a great price. I was told it would take about 2 hours, it was done in about an hour and 5 minutes.
Chris Wingate
Chris W.
15:09 23 May 18
Just had my boat tinted and it looks great. They worked extra late to get me finished before Memorial Day weekend, which is two days way. Very friendly and knowledgeable team, highly recommend them!
Jess Davis
Jess D.
16:55 03 May 18
Very helpful, friendly and knowledgable staff!! I highly recommend them!!
Rebecca Tope
Rebecca T.
19:28 24 Apr 18
They did a great job on my convertible 2016 Mustang GT. Tammy was very professional and knowledgeable in helping me pick out the right tint for my car. I was sent there through word of mouth and I’ll pass the recommendation along to others. That’s how a great business keeps in business! Thanks to everyone.
Robb Armstrong
Robb A.
00:09 01 Apr 18
Very professional and very talented! Love the new tint.....
Mac McGregor
Mac M.
23:36 30 Mar 18
Karol Spryshak
Karol S.
22:59 30 Mar 18
My compliments to Tammy, Rick & everyone who worked on my new car. We were impressed with the professionalism and attention we received. Nice people / nice results = complete satisfaction!
Greg Wieland
Greg W.
22:05 27 Mar 18
Honesty, integrity and professionalism describe the men and women who greet you as well as install the systems and tint on your vehicle. I can’t recommend them enough.
Matthew Gregory Proudfit
Matthew Gregory P.
23:12 23 Mar 18
Excellent place for window tinting. Super nice office and great service. Highly recommended.
Yolanda Rath Schooler
Yolanda Rath S.
23:08 22 Mar 18
Eclipse did an outstanding job installing Clear Paint Protection on the front of my 2018 Impala. Very professional business with the added personal touch. Highly recommend Eclipse for Window Tinting and Paint Protection.
Eric Von Bargen
Eric Von B.
12:02 16 Mar 18
Had to have a rear window tint replaced due to de-lamination, it was covered by warranty after 4 years by the manufacturer and Eclipse fit me in and took care of it it under an hour! Looks great again!
Eric Reardon
Eric R.
00:20 10 Mar 18
Love sending my car to Eclipse! Everyone is very friendly and very informative. Tammy even took us back to see some of the nice cars in the shop. They have a customer for life!
Shana Walker Oates
Shana Walker O.
01:38 03 Mar 18
Recently relocated to Ohio and was looking for somewhere to do the tint on my husband's car as a birthday surprise. Called and found out someone had cancelled for the day of his birthday and was able to get them done. He was sooo surprised! Tammy was extremely helpful showing the various tint levels. Appointment was at 5pm and they were done shortly before 7pm. Awesome service!
Cory A Sammons
Cory A S.
18:08 28 Feb 18
Big ups to Tammy, Rick, and everyone at Eclipse. Very friendly and professional. I’ve never been happier picking up a vehicle before. Super fast and helpful and Tammy called me as soon as the job was done, Thank you so much.
Shawn Guettler
Shawn G.
00:19 28 Feb 18
Awesome knowledgeable staff! Great customer service and super easy to work with!!! Highly recommend them....
Chad Hurst
Chad H.
23:44 24 Feb 18
I get all my vehicles tinted at Eclipse. The service is great and the staff is amazing. I recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks again for a job well done. You guys are awesome!
Tonya Meredith
Tonya M.
21:47 24 Feb 18
Awesome service. Got me in ASAP for my husbands birthday present.
Mike Long
Mike L.
21:35 19 Feb 18
Just got my 4th vehicle done here since. Customer since 2008
Dave Hernandez
Dave H.
21:04 14 Feb 18
Patrick Russell
Patrick R.
22:19 09 Feb 18
Thank you Tyler Puthoff and Eclipse Window Tinting, Cincinnati Ohio for the excellent job you did on my car! Tyler was able to provide his expertise and what would be the best option for my car. He is great at educating his clients ! Thanks for the excellent customer service and the amazing job bringing my ‘07 back to life!
Jay McIntosh
Jay M.
22:36 02 Feb 18
Jack Knab
Jack K.
22:07 02 Feb 18
Rick Miller
Rick M.
19:37 18 Jan 18
Steve M Zapf
Steve M Z.
16:20 18 Jan 18
Jake Knab
Jake K.
15:40 18 Jan 18
Chris Corcoran
Chris C.
14:52 18 Jan 18
Elizabeth Ashley
Elizabeth A.
14:51 18 Jan 18
Will Willmon
Will W.
01:29 07 Dec 17
Chris Lykins
Chris L.
14:40 19 Nov 17
Patrick Williamson
Patrick W.
02:42 17 Nov 17
Great service with fantastic quality, was able to see me next day to help save me after a small mistake i made on a customers car.
Jimmy Douget
Jimmy D.
22:44 10 Nov 17
Awesome all around,what more can I say.Customer for life now.
Dave Goldberg
Dave G.
01:04 02 Nov 17
Another fantastic experience with Rick and his crew! Thank you so much for always taking such good care of my vehicles. Also, I really appreciate you working me into your busy schedule to better accommodate my busy schedule! Thank you Eclipse crew!!
Cesar Edwin Dario
Cesar Edwin D.
01:03 18 Oct 17
This my third car tinted by Eclipse! The best bar none.
Eric Finke
Eric F.
22:44 07 Oct 17
Very friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere! Professional quality work with short turn around time!
Justin-Ashley Haney
Justin-Ashley H.
21:46 07 Oct 17
These guys know exactly what they're doing and did an incredible job. I did a lot of research online before choosing them and definitely made the right call in having them do the window tint on my 2017 Accord Sport. Do yourself a solid when considering getting your windows tinted and skip everyone else and go straight to Eclipse!
Vee Mitchell-Palmer
Vee M.
14:24 02 Oct 17
Clean office. Courteous staff throughout entire process (Facebook messenger, telephone and in person). Jason was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Great care was taken by the staff at Eclipse with my vehicle and I truly appreciate that!I posted a pic of my Lex all cleaned up so that you may see the finished product clearly. Extremely satisfied with you all! THANKS AGAIN for such great work! ���
Donna M Reno
Donna M R.
22:32 28 Aug 17
Thanks for the great job on my jaguar, we love it I recommend these guys to ANYONE that wants tint! My friend recommended you and I'm so happy with the car thanks again!
Michele Billingsley
Michele B.
03:22 18 Aug 17
Dallas Butler
Dallas B.
16:11 29 Jul 17
Amazing staff. As soon as I walked in, I was welcomed in and was given information about tint right away. They were able to do my car same day because someone had canceled their appointment. Great waiting area as well. Very clean and modern! Will go back again!
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda J.
02:37 18 Jun 17
Omg they tinted my car windows today they did a perfect job !!!!!Great customer service!!! Thank you
Cliff Slaughter
Cliff S.
17:56 28 May 17
William Blakely
William B.
22:27 22 May 17
Candice Leavell
Candice L.
18:53 19 May 17
Brandon Matthew
Brandon M.
14:32 25 Apr 17
I cant say enough good things about my experience with Eclipse. The guys that work there are awesome and their tint jobs are top notch. I was in and out in just over an hour and my car looks great. Rick (the owner) and everyone there was very professional and answered all my questions. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, you wont be disappointed!!
Lucretia TrustNoone Hicks
Lucretia TrustNoone H.
22:25 14 Apr 17
Chris Shelton
Chris S.
16:34 08 Apr 17
I absolutely love my tint It looks amazing I can't wait to come back in a few years
Jaysen Allen
Jaysen A.
23:58 06 Apr 17
I just had my 2013 Scion FR-S tinted. It was very fast and professional. The quality is great. The customer service was immaculate and the attention to detail was phenomenal. They worked with me very well on what I was looking for and thus I got what I wanted. Extremely pleased with the results. Thanks Dustin Goodman and all of Eclipse. I will be back.
Sandra Lear
Sandra L.
20:43 27 Mar 17
Brian Oliver
Brian O.
17:39 19 Mar 17
I just had our 2015 Ford Edge front windows tinted to match the factory privacy glass on the back. The match is so close you can't tell it's not factory. Also had a stip of tint at the top of the windshield for extra Sun protection. Looks great guys. My wife loves it. When my Mustang GT convertible gets a new top I'll bring it to Eclipse for the window tint.
Robert McElwrath
Robert M.
19:29 26 Feb 17
Janet Pennekamp
Janet P.
21:04 23 Feb 17
Staff was professional, did a great job, reasonably priced and the waiting lounge is wonderful.
Larry Sweet
Larry S.
05:39 01 Jan 17
Andrew Dick
Andrew D.
14:20 24 Dec 16
Got a great tint 6 years ago, no regrets. No issues.
Andrew Arata
Andrew A.
23:17 18 Dec 16
Ryan Wilber
Ryan W.
18:50 10 Nov 16
Been here multiple time for multiple cars, great people that do great work!
Joe Teke
Joe T.
18:56 07 Oct 16
Was in and out just like they said. Great look with pics to come.
Travis Hoehn
Travis H.
00:38 07 Oct 16
Best in the business!!! Thanks for the awesome work! Took care of my new truck and haven't experienced that good of customer service in a long time!
Molly Gardner - Weldy
Molly Gardner - W.
19:12 29 Sep 16
Thank you guys so much for tinting our Volkswagon Tiguan it looks great!!!
Kassidy Vernon
Kassidy V.
23:26 16 Sep 16
Just got my windows tinted here for my 18th birthday! They are so personable and nice, when I Walked in they even told me happy birthday! My parents also were raving about how friendly they were! Will definitely be recommending this place to anyone looking for getting their windows tinted!!
Bradley Day
Bradley D.
20:03 16 Sep 16
John Riffee
John R.
18:36 02 Aug 16
Terry Stock
Terry S.
15:37 26 Jul 16
I "DO NOT" have a "High-End Expensive Car"!,,,,BUT!, I was treated as I DID have!! What a great experience I enjoyed, doing business with this organization! Very professional, clean & organized business & "staff"!!,,,, My car was actually purchased from a good friend, that had the windows tinted when HE owned the vehicle! When I had a problem, I was treated just as I was the person that spent the money, NO different!,,, and the "Lifetime-Warranty" was a Breeze, NO problem using it as the 2nd owner!! Good guys!!, I was very pleased and will recommend them to everyone!,,,,, TSTOCK.
Stephanie Lea Musgrove
Stephanie Lea M.
00:02 15 Jul 16
Great customer service, professional and quick! I just had my 4th car done and it's perfect again!
Tigran Tiko Agesian
Tigran Tiko A.
03:37 28 Jun 16
Will for sure refer people to eclipse best tint job I've ever gotten on my brand new 2016 Honda Accord sport . Thanks for your help Jeff !
Austin Oder
Austin O.
22:07 17 Jun 16
Have had many cars tinted there and know several people who have had windows tinted there as well. Great job. Nothing to complain about at all
Mayur Dahya
Mayur D.
20:42 02 Mar 16
First time customer at Eclipse and it couldn't have gone any better. Completed a full stereo system install in one day, they continued to work on it past closing time to make sure it would be completed. Super clean work overall, knowledgeable & courteous staff, will be seeing them in the future for any audio/tint needs.
Brad Metz
Brad M.
00:48 24 Feb 16
This is my 2nd time using Eclipse. Class A. As I was waiting for my truck to get done what I thought was just an employee came out to the waiting area and we talked for over 20 minutes about his business, my job, and other things as well. Turns out he was the owner. The respect he gives his emplyoees, his customers is 2nd to none. I will always use this company when needed. By the way my truck looks phenomenal!
Chris Gallagher
Chris G.
23:55 31 Jan 16
Eclipse has done my tint, installed my subs,amp and an AppRadio4 and did a great job with all of it. I give these guys six stars
Steve Sipos
Steve S.
22:45 29 Jan 16
Carl Joe Garrison
Carl Joe G.
12:03 08 Nov 15
Zack Farrell
Zack F.
21:42 27 Aug 15
Did an unreal job on my Audi. I highly recommend this place and fully plan on using them again in the future!
Cara Schneider
Cara S.
22:23 02 Aug 15
Taylor Dudek
Taylor D.
19:38 21 May 15
Alexander Tomes
Alexander T.
00:40 16 Apr 15
Amazing. Great service. I love how my car looks now.
Lalo Lozano
Lalo L.
23:25 12 Apr 15
Maher Al Mukahal
Maher Al M.
03:05 10 Apr 15
Carolyn Clemmons
Carolyn C.
12:11 15 Mar 15
The first place I think of for tints and remote starters. Purchased 2 of each so far and recommend them to anyone.
Manfred Schreyer
Manfred S.
00:16 10 Feb 15
Best place, without question. Audi A4, GMC Sierra, and soon to have the Audi Q7 back. Unbelievable work by these guys!
Don Bischof
Don B.
00:49 22 Jan 15
The staff at Eclipse was great! When I first showed up I had so many questions they explained every thing. I was very impressed with there professionalism called the day before to remind me of my appointment. Will be sending more business there way. Thanks,The Don Landscaping Don Bischof
Brian M Compton
Brian M C.
21:15 13 Jan 15
Stephanie Marie
Stephanie M.
15:04 01 Jan 15
Eleazar Alvarez
Eleazar A.
19:49 26 Dec 14
Amazing work! Quality tint. Love it! Fast and great customer service.
Tyler Martin
Tyler M.
20:33 16 Dec 14
Robert Baker
Robert B.
16:19 06 Dec 14
Tinted my frs and looks perfect. I wouldn't take any of my vehicles anywhere else!
Zachary Tenhundfeld
Zachary T.
19:12 29 Nov 14
Jeremy Gallo
Jeremy G.
02:33 23 Nov 14
Brian Petrey
Brian P.
20:09 19 Nov 14
First class service and friendly faces!!
Beth Marie
Beth M.
03:22 18 Nov 14
Had an awesome experience getting my fiancé's windows tinted! The guys explained everything and were very kind and professional. They did a great job! Will definitely be going back for future tint jobs (:
Craig Cliff
Craig C.
03:22 15 Nov 14
Best in business and The Audi Connection can trust that Rick and his excellent staff will do a first class job for our clients! They make window tinting an art!
Michael Franklin
Michael F.
20:32 16 Oct 14
Just had my tint stripped and redone on my car couldn't be happier with the results. Everyone there is more than helpful and very personable. I didn't want to leave when my car was done, just wanted to sit there and talk with them all. First time going there and will be getting more windows redone and some other work done there too. Will definitely send people their way when looking for tint or anything else! Really appreciate everything they did for me!
Sherry Wurster Gregor
Sherry Wurster G.
00:04 01 Aug 14
Super friendly, professional service. Did a great job tinting the windows and took great care of my new car. I highly recommend these guys!
Lauren Hope
Lauren H.
02:13 27 Jul 14
Yazan Taha
Yazan T.
14:51 04 Jul 14
Adam Brail
Adam B.
12:04 04 Jul 14
Derek Joseph
Derek J.
02:27 27 Jun 14
Zach Burton
Zach B.
16:35 22 Jun 14
Had my 95 civic done it looks awesome and is so much cooler with the supreme 20% all the way around. Love this place
Larry Oler Jr
Larry Oler J.
22:20 17 Jun 14
Tara Lynn Moran
Tara Lynn M.
18:50 16 Jun 14
Daniel Dee Kaylor
Daniel Dee K.
04:25 06 Jun 14
I got my Scion tC tinted there with the supreme package would I be able to go darker I have a lifetime guarantee and I also have a scratch on my back windshield please write back
Abby Leigh
Abby L.
21:51 04 Jun 14
Jeffy Spagetti
Jeffy S.
23:57 08 May 14
I've got 5 years of vinyl wrap and installation experience. With you opening new bays I would love to join the team
Teddy Green
Teddy G.
21:54 08 May 14
Jesse LottaMoney Peterson Jr.
Jesse LottaMoney Peterson J.
23:24 09 Apr 14
Samuel Bowles
Samuel B.
20:07 09 Apr 14
Hands down friendliest employee's and most professional installation
Ryan Thomas Johnson
Ryan Thomas J.
03:27 02 Apr 14
Just did my truck...grade a service
Ryan Shelton
Ryan S.
05:37 26 Mar 14
got my accord tinted a year or so back and received excellent service and I will be returning with my new a4
Chad M Siekman
Chad M S.
00:14 19 Mar 14
Had my Honda tinted here a few years ago and it still looks amazing!!! I will definitely go back with my next vehicle...
Bobby Haussermann
Bobby H.
20:30 17 Mar 14
Jeffrey Darkwa
Jeffrey D.
07:17 13 Mar 14
Great service and very affordable. They take pride in their work. Nice stereo hookup! Will be back for the window tints soon!
Rae Poe
Rae P.
22:00 10 Mar 14
Katie Heimrich
Katie H.